SCATT review from ISSF's #2 in the world - Snjezana Pejcic - 31 Olympic and ISSF medals January 14, 2020 16:51

We are excited a SCATT review from one of the most successful female rifle shooters of all time - Snjezana Pejcic. The Croatian athlete is currently top 2 in the world for the 50m 3P women’s event and has 31 Olympic and ISSF medals to her name, with 13 of those in Gold. Ms. Pejcic got her first championship medal as a junior back in 2002 at the Juniors European Shooting Championship in Thessaloniki.

During her shooting career, she has also competed at three Olympic Games. Her debut was in Beijing 2008 where she won the bronze medal in the air rifle final, then London 2012 and Rio 2016. After winning a quota in the 50m 3P final in Changwon 2018, the Croatian shooting world superstar is headed to Tokyo 2020, which will be her fourth Olympics. 

Here is what Snjezana says about her experience with SCATT:

''I started using SCATT a long time ago, and to this day it stayed with me as one of the most important tools in my training process. There are moments, when I'm not quite sure what is going on, but then I power up SCATT, and it helps me and gives some clarity in regards to my problem. It's not always pleasant to see your mistakes on the screen, but in the grand scheme of things, it's necessary. Before my last victory in Beijing, I was using Scatt almost constantly to try to improve my performance, and in the end, it paid off and I was able to win a gold medal!

I got my new SCATT MX-W2 a few days ago and I simply love it! Easy to use and not too heavy, it's just perfect for me. Also, it helps a great deal that I don't end up entangled in cables now like I used to sometimes with previous wired models. All pluses in my book.

I like the concept of SCATT shooting trainers because they are not specifically designed for high-level shooters or just for beginners. Anyone can use them, and they will help everybody. When you are just starting or you are a middle-level shooter it will open endless possibilities and show you things that you wouldn't think of noticing. And with the high level shooters, it will help to improve the smallest details that could get you the one extra point that matters.

I'm using Scatt for more than 10 years and, frankly speaking, I can't imagine preparing for the competition without it. I use it at least a couple times a week and especially if I'm having some problem that I'm not sure what it is. Usually, it takes me one training session to pinpoint the problem and then I keep using SCATT until I resolve the issue.

Considering that I don't have access to an indoor range, SCATT turned out to be a life savior in the winter months, until the weather allowed me to train outdoors.

Personally, I found the graphs of Coordination and Trace Speed of most importance to me and since I started checking them after my training sessions I got to some really interesting conclusions about my shooting.

I'm confident that I will continue my training with SCATT and that it will be helpful, as it was all these years before.''