Improving shooting accuracy and skills with SCATT

How are SCATT Trainers essential for your shooting performance

The SCATT is an IR laser or camera based shooting training system that records all of your movement on the target (the aimpoint trace) in dry fire or live fire (MX-W2 model) training. It makes training much more effective for shooters of all levels. The greatest benefit of the this electronic trainer is that it allows the shooter and/or his coach to visualize and understand what is occurring during the entire aiming and shooting process. Not only does this system show where the shot went, most importantly it shows why it went there. It gives the coach and the shooter the power to detect every movement prior to the shot and following after the shot, it follows and records the trace of the aiming point in real time. A wide variety of metrics which SCATT provides ranges from a visual representation of the aiming trajectory to graphs and mathematical models of shooting patterns. It helps the shooter discover even the finest errors in aiming, hold control, attention, trigger release, etc. The use of SCATT for training is virtually essential for...continue reading