Average Trace Speed graph May 16, 2020 16:58

Here we are talking about the Average Trace Speed graph. This graph highlights your S1 (mm/s in Pro) taking all the shots into account rather than just one. Mistakes and shortcomings are quite evident when you analyze the S1 in a stand-alone shot, but the macro pattern is not always easy to grasp when you got several strings in front of you.

If you do jerk the gun in a specific manner or make one recurring mistake during the shot release - all that will come to light with this graph. Ideally, you want to see the graph plateau in the last 0.5 seconds without any obvious spikes. If we are talking dry-fire, it's a good sign if this plateau persists for some time after the shot release too.

The y-axis highlights the average speed of your Aimpoint (in millimeters per second) across all shots and the x-axis shows your control interval (in seconds). (fig.1)

In figure 1 you can see the graph of a shooter who could use some improvement in terms of hold stability. If you pay attention to the S2 segment of the shot, you can notice that the graph visibly ramps up starting from ~250 milliseconds before the shot and onward.

In figure 2, however, not only is the average speed significantly lower, but the graph itself evens out and flattens as the moment of shot release approaches. The graph stays relatively parallel to the x-axis for another ~100 milliseconds indicating solid control over one's hold even after the trigger is pulled.