SCATT Firmware Update directions July 18, 2016 19:37

After installing the latest SCATT Professional software (ver. 6.80) some users were required to update the firmware on their SCATT devices. The update itself is a simple process, but, you MUST stick to these directions to ensure proper system operation:

1. You can find the latest the firmware version on this page.
2. Update via USB 2.0 only (not 3.0)
2. The operating system on the PC has to be Win XP, Vista or Win 7 (not Win 8 or 10)
3. You have to update the devices one by one only! First only the optical sensor, then only the target control unit, and lastly the target frame (the optical sensor must be disconnected when updating the target control unit and the target frame).

Please keep in mind that the firmware should not be updated if your system works fine and unless you are directed to do so by the software or by the SCATT customer service.