SCATT Biathlon Dry-Fire Systems


SCATT Biathlon Trainers (Wired or Wireless) — is designed for training of shooting accuracy in biathlon.This model is available in two choices the wireless SCATT Biathlon WL and the wired SCATT Biathlon USB. Both systems are identical in terms of accuracy, software, and user experience. The only difference between these biathlon trainers is the optical sensor used in these models. The SCATT Biathlon USB is equipped with the SCATT OS-02 optical sensor which requires a cable connection between the PC and the optical sensor on the gun, however, we provide a fairly long (10ft), soft, and light cable that will not be a nuisance and will not limit your movement with the rifle. The SCATT Biathlon WL uses the SCATT WS-03 optical sensor and does not require a wired connection to the computer.

The electronic target system on this model needs to be set at a the real distance of 5 meters. It has five hardware bulls which emulate shooting at 50 meters. This system not only measures aiming trajectory on each target, but also records the weapon’s trajectory movement between the bulls. 

The system comes with everything you need to start training with your system:

1. Wired optical sensor – (Model: OS-02 or WS-03)

2. Electronic target – (Model: SBT-5)

3. Electronic target control – (Model: WTC-01)

4. Universal prism mounting kit for the optical sensor — includes allen wrench, v-shaped mounting prism, and a flexible metal strip with a screw.  It is used used for mounting the sensor on barrels of different diameters and cross sections.

5.Cables, User guide, Warranty card, and the box. 

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