SCATT USB Dry-Fire Shooter Training System


SCATT USB — is a budget-friendly SCATT model, that doesn't compromise on features and quality. It can be used for fixed target training at real distances from 5 to 12 meters and can simulate dry-fire shooting up to 1000 meters.

The unit has two main electronic components. The first one is the optical sensor, which mounts on the shooter's gun. The sensor is highly accurate and doesn't require recharging, since it is connected at all times with a cable to your PC. The cable is 10 ft. long, it is light and soft, so it will not limit your movement. The second electronic component is the electronic target frame, which is literally a frame into which you can insert paper targets of your choice.  

SCATT USB can be used for training with air, small bore, large caliber, and other types of weapons.

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