Frequently Asked Questions

How does SCATT work? The main principle of SCATT training systems is determining the position of the gun’s aimpoint trace (trajectory) at any point in time before, during, and after the shot. Having this data the SCATT Professional software displays the shots, traces, plots a multitude of graphs, and provides much more data about one’s aiming and shooting. But, in order to understand the operation of the SCATT System better it is best to watch the video on the homepage of this website.

How does SCATT know when a shot is fired?  SCATT optical sensor, which you mount on the gun, contains several sensors that can detect the sound and the vibration coming from the trigger during the dry-fire or live-fire shot.

Do I need to order any additional mounts along with the SCATT kit? No. All SCATT systems come with everything necessary to start practice, aside from the gun and a computer. You will get all necessary devices, software, cables, and a universal mounting kit which will allow you to mount it almost on all types of guns.

Do I need to purchase a SCATT trigger sensor, so the system could detect my shots? No. The SCATT optical sensor (attaches to the barrel of your gun) will detect the shot without any additional devices. The SCATT trigger sensor is an optional accessory. It is designed not to detect the shot, but to display the amount of pressure which the shooter is applying to the trigger at any point in time during aiming and shooting.

Where can I use SCATT?  Infrared dry-fire SCATT systems, like SCATT USB, SCATT WS1, and SCATT Biathlon can only be used inside. The new SCATT MX-02 capable of both dry-fire and live-fire can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

At what distances can SCATT trainers be set up? Working distances between the shooter and the target vary on different SCATT models. SCATT USB and SCATT WS1 can be used at distances from 5 to 10 meters. For the new SCATT MX-02 the distance between the shooter and the target can be anywhere between 2.5 and 300 meters. SCATT Biathlon have fixed-size targets and can only be used inside at a 5m distance.


How much time do I need to connect the training system to my PC in order to start training? First time it will take you about 10 minutes to connect the trainer to the computer and install the program. Preparation for subsequent training sessions will take about 3 minutes.

Can I use the training system with a dummy gun? Yes, provided it is possible to mount the optical sensor and the gun has a trigger mechanism.